Check Out How Much It Costs To Feature Chris Brown On A Song!

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Chris Brown is one of the greatest chorus boys in the music industry, without an argument.

And in a recent interview with Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, Breezy spoke about how much it’d take to get him on a track.

“It depends,” Brown said. Some people I give a homie price to… The most I charge is like $250,000… If the song’s already a hit, then I’ll get on it. But I’m still gonna take some publishing…and if they say they can only give you $30,000, I need 50 percent of the publishing.”

“‘Cause I’m gonna get on the record, not to toot my own horn… I’ve gotten on records from a new artist and they’ve went No. 1. I will take a percentage of the publishing. If I’m gonna give you a No. 1, I’m gonna capitalize off it as well.”



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