Charles Novia Comes For Chika Ike’s ‘Manager’: Calls Her A Lapdog

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In an article on his blog, Nollywood producer and director, Charles Novia heavily criticized Chika Ike’s flaunting of her vacation trip  amongst other things in which he called her manager ‘obtuse’.

Chika Ike’s manager, Serah’s responded with insults claiming Charles Novia was bitter with jealousy because his time was due and he will die a wretched old man (Read full article here)

After a long while, Charles Novia has responded in kind putting ‘Serah in her place’. The article titled ‘A SALVO FOR SERAH’ reads,

I have mulled a bit about how to put out a riposte to a character called Serah Donald who went on an uncouth rage against my person on social media recently.

My first reaction was to ignore her as I saw through the statement that she really had nothing to say but perhaps wanted to gain some little fame through an open insult directed at me. And so I did.

But in retrospect (and knowing that most things put out on social media are usually twisted the other way to suit such whims, as it were) I decided not to really let it rest but to perhaps give a riposte on some of her rabid tirades.

I use the word ‘rabid’ because the impression I have of this Serah, which still persists, is that she is somewhat of an industry lap-dog and one whom I have met formally only twice in my life and fleetingly too because I did not want some of her fleas around me.

I was introduced to her in 2007 in Los Angeles while I was attending a film industry convention on Nollywood where I was one of the Speakers on the positive trajectory of an evolving Nollywood. I vaguely remember some less-than-Plain-Jane looking lady staring at me in a manner which unsettled me a bit. To her, it could her been a fawning look but to me, from my perspective, it looked like a deviant character from a horror movie giving me the looks! It was my good friend, Stephanie Okereke ( now Linus) who was graduating from the New York Film Academy that period, who formally introduced her to me before I understood why she was awestruck.

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