Boko Haram Releases New Video From One Of Their Captured Towns

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Boko Haram released a new video where they are seen parading in one of the towns they captured, obtained exclusively by AFP. It shows Boko Haram fighters parading with about three tanks in an unidentified town they had apparently taken over.

PM News reports that

It was not possible to tell whether the footage was staged for propaganda purposes, especially scenes of residents cheering Islamist fighters. The message appeared to be aimed at reinforcing Shekau’s claim that he has created a caliphate within Nigeria.

In the 44-minute video, Boko Haram voices support for other so-called caliphates, including the one proclaimed in Iraq and Syria by the Islamic State (IS) group.Shekau, who is pictured in close-up shots with rare clarity, again dismisses government claims about ceasefire talks and threatens to kill the man who has presented himself as Boko Haram’s negotiator.

The video, which was delivered through the same channels as past messages, shows armed men lined along a well-paved road, with three pick-up trucks equipped with heavy weapons also visible.

Black, crested flags associated with the Islamist group are also shown.

Later, an armoured vehicle is driven down the road lined with both fighters and individuals who appear to be residents of the town.

Read more here. Below are some screenshots below




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