Beauty Tips With Dunni: Substitutes Below 2000 Naira For Your Favourite MAC Lipsticks

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I am absolutely obsessed with lipsticks. I would call myself the ultimate lipstick collector, I honestly think if your lips are popping you are good to go anywhere. I believe that the lipstick is the most important make-up  product, after which comes a great foundation.

Times are hard, lol. One MAC lipstick  costs about  4000naira here in Nigeria, which is not so bad for that flawless Rihanna/Nicki Minaj  lip look you want, but a little discount never hurt no one.

Two out of the 3 things I am known for are; my popping lips, and my love for a good bargain. The third one is not relevant to this post ;). Today I am spilling life changing secrets, 20% of these lipsticks give a better finish than the MAC lipsticks, 70% of these give the same flawless finish the MAC ones give, and  10% will give a flawless finish but not as perfect. All tested and proven.

Ladies!!! Are you ready?


1)MAC Ruby Woo- House of Tara Farida(Red)

2)MAC Sin- Wet ‘n’ Wild Red Cherry(Oxblood)

3)MAC Velvet Teddy- Wet ‘n’ Wild Bare it all(Nude)

4)MAC Candy Yum Yum- House of Tara Kontagora(Bright Pink)

5)Mac Cyber-House Of Tara Tejuosho(Dark Purple)

6)MAC Twig- House of Tara Inyanga(Light pink)

7)MAC Viva Glam Nicki- House Of Tara Yar’ Barwa

8) MAC Flat Out Fabulous- House of Tara Jemila(Fucial pink)

9)MAC All Fired Up- House Of Tara Onitsha(Dark pink)

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