BBA Hotshots: Who Are The Next Set To Leave As Samantha And Mr.265 Exit The Hotshots

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42 days after staying in the house in a move largely unexpected, Samantha and Mr.265 were evicted from the Big Brother Hotshots house. After almost six weeks in the house, South Africa and Malawi said goodbye to the Big Brother house for the first time this season. According to this week’s voting, Mr. 265 and Samantha received the least number of votes. More so, neither of Mr.265 or Samantha seemed surprised when their names were called for eviction by the host IK, thus bringing their dreams of winning the USD $300.000 prize money to an end. Butterphly, broke down in tears as she watched the duo leave the house. Both Samantha and Mr.265 exchanged hugs with the other housemates as they said goodbye. With this eviction, the number of housmates in the house is reduced to twelve; six males and six females respectively.

Both Samantha and Mr.265 were up for eviction along with Idris, Macky2 and Goitse. The duo were up alongside Goitse, Idris and Macky2. Samantha becomes the first South African Hotshot just as Mr.265 is also the first Malawian leaving behind Nhlanhla and Sipe as representatives for both countries respectively. in the running for the grand prize. It is worthy of note that Samantha was not initially part of the nomination list but was put up by Head of House, Sipe who said she put Sipe up for eviction because of “some underlying issues with Sipe”.

Samantha had a lot of memories in the Big Brother house ranging from a love triangle with JJ and Idris to becoming the Head of House as well as winning the Star Metre. She however lost two of the extravaganzas which seemed to affect her confidence but was put up for eviction by Sipe when she finally won an Extravaganza. Samantha on exiting the house told IK that she sensed a tension between her and Sipe, which did not make her nomination surprising. She also told IK that she would not date Idris outside the house.

On his part, Mr. 265 also had fond memories from bonding with the men in the house to being in the heat of the exciting events in the house. He also had intimate moments with Butterphly and it is left to be seen if anything further develops between them. Mr. 265 also talked about the fight he had with Tayo, saying even though it was tough for him, it was amusing. He said appearing in Big Brother Africa has offered him a great platform especially as a television and radio presenter adding that he still has a lot of hard work to do to get to the peak of his career.

With just three weeks to go in the Big Brother Hotshots house, the number of housemates left are fast dwindling even as they are bound to reduce more. It is left to be seen who will take home the grand prize and emerge as the ultimate hOxshott even as Biggie put a change to the  Extravaganza this week indicating that the housemates would not be playing for immunity as the winners would get to receive a message from their loved ones as the reward instead. Team B were the lucky winners of the prize this time around.



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