BBA Hotshots: See Who Is Possibly Leaving The Big Brother House Come Sunday

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The housemates duty to nominate for the next weeks eviction took place with each housemate nominating another based on personal reasons. The sessions seemed a bit enlightening as we were able to know what the housemates have in mind. The sessions went thus:

Butterphly’s Nomination Session

Butterphly nominated Trezagah because he snores a lot and Permithias because he dished out her secret.


Ellah‘s Nomination Session

Ellah nominated Frankie because he was absent minded during the task And Macky2 because he has a strong support/competition.


Frankie’s Nomination Session

Frnkie nominated Nhlanhla because he was sleeping while they were rehearsing and Trezagah because he was chilling too.


Goitse‘s Nomination Session

Goitse nominated Permithias because he was the least active person in the group And Ellah because she took up the role of director even though she had a major role in the cast.


Idris‘ Nomination Session

Idris nominated Frankie because he thinks he deserves much better and he’s too cautious of what he has to say and Trezagah because he is too chilled.


JJ‘s Nomination Session

JJ nominated Goitse because she is going under the radar and Trezagah because he’s very talented and is a serious competition.


Mr. 265’s Nomination Session

Mr.265 nominated Ellah because she is too defensive and Nhlanhla because he tries to show that he knows everything.


Macky2’s Nomination Session

Macky2 nominated Nhlanhla because he is a competition and Ellah because she’d do anything for attention.


Mam Bea’s Nomination Session

The Ghanaian lady nominated Macky2 because he’s very proud and Samantha because she has a high temper.


Nhlanhla’s Nomination Session

Nhlanhla nominated Frankie because he pretends that he doesn’t know what to do and Trezagah because this is the first time he’s lost and he sleeps a lot.


Permithias’ Nomination Session

Permithias nominated Trezagah because he’s not completely taking his place and Ellah because she doesn’t respect Kacey‘s marriage.


Samantha’s Nomination Session

The south African nominated Frankie because they are not really close and Trezagah because she doesn’t know him.


Sheillah’s Nomination Session

Sheillah nominated Trezagah because he needs to put more effort in the game and Permithias because he doesn’t know when not to make noise with his guitar.


Sipe‘s Nomination Session

Sipe nominated Frankie because he’s rude and they are not close and Nhlanhla because he’s .trying too hard to step on her toes.


Tayo‘s Nomination Session

The Nigerian model nominated Samantha because she gossiped about him with JJ and Ellah because she has something to do with Kacey being nominated.


Trezagah’s Nomination Session

Trezagah nominated Ellah because he thinks she has feelings for Kacey And Mam Bea because she didn’t trust him during the extravaganza.


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