BBA Hotshots: Visitation Continues For Housemates From Loved Ones

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Continuing in the fashion of making the housemates have a feel of home, Biggie allowed the housemates to have visits from home for the second day running. Earlier on the previous day, Butterphly had her mum visit the house even as the housemates had to adhere to the freeze task rule. This was unfortunate for Butterphly who had to hold still as the freeze task prevented any form of contact with visiting family members even as the task aimed to test their emotional capabilities and commitment to the game.This afternoon it was Butterphly’s turn to get a post card from home.


As Biggie summoned Butterphly to the diary room and she proceeded thus, Biggie soon after requested all the housemates to freeze. As the housemates froze in conformity to the rules, Butterphly’s mother walked in bringing along an air of comfort with her. She walked from one housemate to another giving words of encouragement before heading for her daughter. When she finally got to where her daughter was, she sat by her side and talked to her the only way mothers know how to. She relayed messages from friends and family even as she told her how proud her grandchildren (Butterphly’s kids) were proud of their mother’s achievements. She also encouraged her daughter by commending her for her hardwork, telling her to keep it up.


The mother-child session was soon interrupted by the sound of the bell which signalled the exit of Butterphly’s mother from the house. However, after seemingly keeping her composure throughout her mother’s visit, she signal from Biggie to unfreeze brought her to her knees even as tears trickled down her face. The Housemates were appreciative of Butterphly’s mother for her kind words and they showed this by clapping for her. Her mother’s actions by talking to all the housemates even her least favourite Sheillah, seemed to touch a part of Butterphly as it was evident she was reconsidering her stance with the former even as we know that with the race for the prize money, bitterness always seems to find its way to the housemates.


Idris also had his mother visit the house soon after Butterphly’s mother left. More so, Figgie took over from Biggie and followed suit by asking the housemates to freeze before Idris’s mother entered the house. However, some of the housemates like the likes of Sipe, Macky2 and Idris with some others were caught relaxing outside with Idris standing. As Idris’s mother entered the house, she greeted the housemates standing nearby as she walked up to him and told him “I’m proud of you my son. Be good all the time. Be kind all the time. Be careful all the time and behave all the time.” She went on to tell him that his Aunties back home were all cheering for him.


Moreover, Idris’s mother did not wait for the bell to sound before leaving the house wishing him and the other housemates well. Soon after, Figgie asked the housemates to unfreeze and Idris immediately headed for the gym. Tayo ran after him to make jest of him telling him “You want to cry. Cry” through hearty giggles. However, Idris seemed disturbed with the fact that his mother repeatedly told him to “Behave” which made him think he was doing something wrong. His fellow housemates however calmed him down, telling him that she probably meant another thing.








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