BBA Hotshots: Trezagah Might Be Looking Like The Next Person To Leave The House

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Trezagah - Mozambique

Another housemate has yet again gotten on the bad side of Big Brother who doesn’t enjoy the housemates breaking his rules. Biggie always sets out rules for the housemates and sets out to punish them with varying consequences when they break them. This time around, it was Trezagah that was found wanting as regards breaking the rules when the former housemates walked into the house. Before the former housemates entered the house, Big Brother had instructed the housemates to freeze when the former housemates entered the house. However, Trezagah was found breaking the rules as it seemed he forgot what Biggie had told them.


Just as his colleagues in the house froze and didn’t move, Trezagah however couldn’t keep to the instruction. The Mozambican country mate, Leonel rushed up to Trezagah which sort of made Trezagah move out of the freeze position even as it was obvious he was making a conscious effort to get back into the “freeze” character. Perhaps, this was due to all the excitement of seeing new individuals and compatriots in the house, but this did not seem to go down well with Biggie who brought down the hammer on Trezagah.

After allowing the incident remain unattended to overnight, maybe in an attempt to see if Trezagah would own up to his actions, Big Brother brought the house to a halt as he punished Trezagah. Trezagah seemingly expected it but perhaps hoped that Biggie would forgive him and let it pass. Unfortunately for him however, Big Brother was totally unimpressed with his actions as he brought down the full weight of the hammer consequently nominating him for possible eviction from the Big Brother house.

Trezagah on his part appeared embarrassed to receive the wash down from Biggie, giving the presence of the former housemates in the house with the latter obviously upsetting the balance in the Big Brother Hotshots house. Though, it however seemed Trezagah thought Biggie was pranking them as the “freeze” task had occurred the previous week. This has thus put the Mozambican rapper up for eviction.




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