BBA Hotshots: Tayo And Macky2’s Spat

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Tayo - Nigeria

Tempers seemed to be at an all time high in the Early hours of yesterday morning in the Big Brother house as Tayo and Macky2 had an altercation over Tayo’s relentless playing of the drum. Tayo had been playing the drum ceaselessly since after the Friday night Jameson party which seemed to offend some of his fellow housemates. The housemates had previously complained about his in consideration of beating the drums at odd hours and things seemed to get to a head when the Zambian, Macky2 decided to take over the playing of the drum. Tempers however flared up as Tayo seemingly felt offended with the actions of Macky2 as he had retired to bed for the day. It was obvious that Macky2 had resorted to playing the drum as a means of paying Tayo in his on coin as the Nigerian model has been previously known to beat the drum while other housemates were asleep.


However, Tayo did not seem to take the actions of Macky2 lightly as he was enraged and proceeded to vent his anger by using swear words. “I will murder him, I don’t f$ck*ng care if he is a rapper from a f$ck*n small country,I will murder him, I come from a country with 2 hundred million people” he said with annoyance. He thereafter proceeded to ring the Diary Room bell indicating he wanted to have an audience with Biggie.

Macky2 on his part remained calm as he laid in bed to sleep. He was later informed by Trezegah on the details of what was happening in the house and after seemingly hearing enough, he appeared not to be bothered as he turned his head and continued his sleep. Nhlanhla pointed out to the other housemates the fact that Tayo was feeling threatened by Macky2 mainly because of the ‪ Star Meter gift which most of the housemates grudgingly agreed on.


It seems the actions of both parties were premeditated as a result of jealousy or maybe it’s all part of the strategy for survival. Time will tell.



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