BBA Hotshots: Strippers For The Freeze Task

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As the freeze task gradually winds up, it is evident that it has brought unlimited surprises and fun to both the housemates and viewers across Africa and the world. And as the freeze task entered it’s final stage, Big Brother continued his surprises by sending in two male strippers who had a serious effect on the ladies in the house as their hearts went spiralling from the abs of the men.

The two male strippers on entering the Big Brother house found Butterphly standing close to the store room just as one of them seemed to have had a serious effect on her as he danced seductively all over and around her. The Zimbabwean on air personality seemed not to be able to stomach the effect of the dancer anymore as she could be seen moving her eyes and hands which apparently pointed to the fact that she was struggling to put under control the effects of the male specimen on her.

The trio of Ellah, Goitse and Sipe were all seated outside when the strippers danced up to them, touching and rubbing their bodies all over the bodies of the helpless ladies on the poor ladies’ bodies. Ellah and Goitse were however unable to station their eyes in one plane as their eyes wandered about to get appraisals of the male strippers.

Samantha on her part was in the kitchen area and could be deemed as the one that suffered the wrath of the invaders more as one of the strippers got to her and took ages to move away from her just as he rubbed himself all over her. She however did a good job as she refused to move an inch while the strip tease lasted. Ma’m Bea also got a bit of the strip tease even though she was brave enough to maintain her composure throughout the dancing and rubbing session. It however seems she would give up on the task soon.

More so, as soon as the strippers left, the ladies went wild with all manners of complaints and suggestions to Biggie. Sipe was of the opinion that the session was short timed in comparison to the Twerkers who were in the house the previous day. Goitse and Ellah on their part pleaded with Biggie to bring them back while Butterphly and Samantha were more interested in the bodies of the athletic strippers. Ma’m Bea was excited about the task and told the others she actually yearned for more of the strip session. The males in the house were however not amused by the opinions of the female Housemates as they listened and joked about the scenario.

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