BBA Hotshots: Sipe Confronts Goitse

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Sipe - Malawi

The friendships in the Big Brother house has had some interesting moments even as it seems some have grown better as the days go by while others have soured due to the competition to emerge as the ultimate hotshot. One of those friendship that has soured is that between Sipe and Goitse.


Early on in the day, it appeared Sipe was fed up with the coldness between her and her best pal in the house Goitse especially of late, and she decided to discuss the underlying matters with the latter. Sipe brought it to the Botswana representative’s notice that she was carrying a heavy burden with their coldness to each other even as she was yet to determine what she had done wrong to Goitse. Both ladies were able to get a bit of privacy even as they laid their minds bare and discussed the matter to what seemed like a logical conclusion.


Sipe went on further to tell Goitse that their relationship seemed to turn sour to the extent of not talking the moment she got close to Luclay. Sipe also told her that she should not believe whatever Luclay must have told her as it wasn’t true and she wanted to know the reason Goitse was not talking to her. Goitse on her part was of the opinion that Sipe’s attitude was disturbing as she felt she was the one not talking to her. It however seemed at some point that neither of the ladies was willing to admit any form of wrongdoing as they continued accusing and trading blames.


After what seemed like a long while, Goitse told Sipe that she loved and respected her just as Sipe told her she was ‘ok’ with her before turning her back to continue reading her Bible which put an end to the discussion. It seemed there is temporary peace between the ladies, it is left to be seen if the relationship continues in this manner.




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