BBA Hotshots Recap: Sheillah’s Indecisiveness With Nhlanhla

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Seemingly still feeling hurt from the feelings exchanged over the bantering done earlier yesterday which were still not forgotten, Sheillah decided to sleep downstairs instead of sticking to her usual sleeping arrangement with Nhlanhla. Nhlanhla who seemed to be hurt by it sat down to talk to KaceyMoore and Ellah about it. He told them that he had been getting a lot of negative energy from Sheillah. But he however said that he was fine with the situation and that he would actually get a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, bearing in mind that the housemates are unaware of whom the Head of House had put up for eviction, tension and concern always seem to run rampant through the house before eviction night. But Nhlanhla was of the opinion that if it was his or Sheillah’s turn to go, he would be fine with saying goodbye to her. He emphasised that part of the reason for his relationship with her was that he could not be in the house and not have someone with whom to unwind. Nhlanhla attitude seems to point to the fact that he is indifferent about the situation or perhaps he might be disguising deeper emotions.

Ellah who seemed to be playing the good part went to talk to fellow beauty queen Sheillah, telling her to relax about the eviction show coming up. She told her she must fight for her space, but that if it should be her last day in the house, did she really want to spend it angry with someone?. Sheillah however yet again refused to talk to Nhlanhla, and said her decision to go to bed early downstairs had nothing to do with him, but that she wished to look fresh in the morning in preparation for the show.

She was happy being in the downstairs’ bedroom which has been dubbed ‘the Bronx’ by the housemates, instead of upstairs, which had been named ‘Beverly Hills’. She joked around with Tayo, who had also decided to go to bed, uncovering a bottle of sweet chilli in the process. Tayo wondered if some of the housemates were stashing food again, but with shopping taking place tomorrow, the bottle would probably not be missed.

However, the two have made up since the incident happened as both have been seen to be at their usual selves frolicking like they used to. The twirl and turns in this love circle is one to look out for as we await once again, the reason that would cause both to split and possibly come back again.



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