BBA Hotshots: Sheillah Is New Head Of House

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As the Big Brother Hotshots show enters its seventh week, it is a weekly ritual to elect a new Head of House and this continued this week as Sipe‘s tenure ended. All the housemates from Team B that won the extravaganza participated in the task to elect a new Head of House.

The task had a qualifying stage which was designed to test the abilities of the housemates to remember visual images and assign similar patterns or pieces to complete a puzzle. Any of the housemates that was able to complete the puzzle which seemed more like a game of luck, would proceed to the next stage where the real competition was. Only three of the housemates out of the five that were eligible were able to cracked the puzzle and proceed to the next stage. The housemates are Butterphly, Trezagah and Sheillah who then battled against one another for the position of Head of House.


The Housemates that qualified for the second stage proceeded into the garden where there was a waiting table which had three square puzzle boards placed on top. Each of the puzzle boards had twelve puzzle pieces each with a picture of a housemate, facing down. The puzzle pieces had a pair of six matching pictures on the board and each of the housemate was expected to make the picture pairs match. Matching each pair would give a participating housemate one point.


The three housemates that made it to the final stage Butterphly, Trezagah and Sheillah slugged it out even as the task required composure and dexterity while negotiating three hockey white balls into the three makeshift holes provided on the boards. After what seemed like a tense and hard fought battle, Sheillah was able to put her skills to good use getting the three balls in the holes faster than Trezagah and Butterphly who came second and third respectively.

Soon after the task, Big Brother announced Sheillah as the new Head of House just as Sipe performed the ceremonious hand over to Sheillah’s delight.



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