BBA Hotshots: See The Relationships In The House That Are Blooming Healthily

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The Big Brother Hotshots house just like the ones before it has witnessed several relationships which has majorly been focused on the conventional man-woman relationship. However, it seems the Hotshots seem to be bonding with one another without recourse to setting out on a romantic liason but rather on ideal friendship. More so, as the days go by and the housemates reduce in number,there is an intense competition amongst them but despite that, the bonds formed between the housemates is quite interesting.

The bonds formed is more noticeable amongst the male housemates. The trio of JJ, Idris and Nhlanhla have bonded well since the beginning of the Big Brother Hotshots show. Even though JJ and Nhlanhla often make jest of Idris who sometimes gets angry about it, it never goes on for long as the trio always make up immerse themselves in any new task. The three housemates can often be see seated together and sharing ideas on improving each others lives indicating they work and play ceaselessly.

The other interesting bond in the Big Brother’s House is that of Tayo and Trezagah. The two seemed to have struck a bond of late which has had a lot of the housemates talking. Both Tayo and Trezagah share a love for singing; drumming and more recently, sending out shout outs together which created a rift between Trezagah and Sheillah .


The third interesting male bond in the house is that of Macky2 and Mr.265. The relationship since the most matured of the three bonds as both men can be seen cooking up tasty meals for the other housemates while also sharing ideas.


It has always been believed that people pursuing the same dream will most probably lock horns at one point or the other. It is left to be seen if these male housemates can prove this saying wrong.



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