BBA Hotshots: Oh No! Cracks Develop In Idris’ Relationship

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Idris has been on the receiving end of harsh words from some of the former housemates. He had an unusually hard time early in the day while interacting with the ladies after he was accused the previous day by former housemate Vimbai. The Zimbabwean had accused Idris of being disloyal after the females had accused him of not being available when he was needed.


The duo of Ellah and Butterphly were approached by Idris in the bedroom as they prepared themselves for the day’s task. Idris however got a cold response from them for which he blamed Ellah for interfering in a supposedly private conversation with Butterphly and thus denying him an opportunity to talk to her. Vimbai had told Butterphly the previous night to share some shots of vodka with her except she was an alcoholic that could finish the whole bottle. Vimbai’s statement did not however seat well with Butterphly who took it personally. It could have led to an altercation save for the Ellah who quickly interfered to douse the tension and effectively putting Vimbai in her place.

More so, Idris was however no where to be found during the time of the altercation but approached Vimbai after learning of it to get her side of the story and effectively telling her not to “fight with his girls”. Meanwhile, Ellah and Butterphly had the same thought as those of Vimbai as they both talked earlier in the day of Idris’s disloyalty and his love for moving from one housemate to the next. They also talked of his closeness to the visiting former housemates which has led to him “abandoning” them when they needed him most.


The relationship between the trio of Idris, Ellah and Butterphly appeared strained most of the day but it is expected that they would sort out their differences soon.



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