BBA Hotshots: Of Tayo’s Love For Trouble And Unending Fights

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The quarrels and spats in the Big Brother house is unending as the housemates continue to get a hang of one another. It however seems the fights won’t come to an end soon as the housemates continue to step on each other’s toes. More so, one of the housemates has been part of many a fight in the house with the most recent of the fights with Macky2 is Tayo. The Nigerian hotshot this time around with Mr.265 over what seemed to be a meaningless cause.

The fight started when Mr.265 and Sheillah were sitted at the dining table and were busy discussing ideas for their upcoming presentations. Tayo on the other night was at a different part of the house seemingly singing on top of his voice. Mr.265 who was distraught with Tayo’s singing, asked him to keep his voice low because he was disturbing and distracting them. This did not however go down well with the Nigerian model as he took the issue personal and started exchanging words with Mr 265.

The situation got heated as both Tayo and Mr.265 started shouting at the top of their voices just as Tayo told the latter not to shout him down as he had no right to do so while adding that they were not agemates. The venting continued with Tayo also saying that if any of the housemates had an issue with the way he expresses himself, they had an option of leaving the Big Brother house as he had no intentions whatsoever of leaving the house.

Mr.265 was not quiet also as he appeared angry just as he told Tayo during the altercation to continue shouting which appeared to escalate issues. JJ acted as a mediator during the altercation as he made futile efforts to calm Tayo down. However, the duo of Ma’m Bea and Sipe came around and succeeded in convincing Tayo to calm down and successfully led him away to the bedroom. The ladies were able to calm him down just as they took his breakfast to him upstairs.

It is evident that the fights are inevitable as a result of the structure of the Big Brother house but it is left to be seen if the housemates can avoid the unnecessary ones.



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