BBA Hotshots: Of Magic and Mysticism, Housemates Prepare For New Tasks For The Week

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Once again, it’s the time of the week when the Big Brother housemates are assigned tasks for the week. Biggie’s intention is to keep the housemates occupied for the week before the extravaganza and subsequent eviction. The tasks for the week were assigned to the housemates shortly after the Sheillah won the task to become the new Head of House taking over from Sipe.

Big Brother assigned quite an interesting task for the housemates. The task was tagged Circus and Magic week. The task of the week will require the introduction of the housemates to the world of circus, magic and mysticism. Just as Big Brother promised the housemates and viewers across the world, he has indeed raised the stakes with this present task. And yet again, Biggie required the housemates to dig deep into their talent holes by immersing themselves into the world of Jugglers, ring maids, magicians, tightrope walkers and much more.

The Big Brother house will have visitors in the form of Circus performers who would teach the housemates how to make their own magic for their magical presentation on Wednesday night. The performers would also teach the housemates the various tricks of the magical world as it bends and questions the rules of the scientific world. More so, the housemates are also expected to enact the roles of certain circus animals for the magical show presentation. At this point in the show, Biggie expects the best from the housemates which should be a reflection of what they’ve learnt from their tutors.

The housemates perhaps being sure that they would put up a wonderful performance put in for the wager. With Sheillah becoming the Head of the House for this week, all the housemates stuck to the trend and wagered another 100% of the weekly luxury shopping allowance for the magical show. Putting into consideration last week’s Wager loss, it is left to be seen if it was a wise decision on the part of Sheillah and the rest of the housemates to go a in with a 100% wager.







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