BBA Hotshots: Luclay Thinks Tayo Deserves To Win

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Tayo - Nigeria

As the Big Brother Hotshots show slowly winds up, all the remaining housemates are potential winners of the grand price. With twelve housemates left in the race for the prize money of 300,000 US dollars, it is evident that deciding on who becomes the winner would be a tough task for the whole of Africa. However, the former housemates seem to have their opinions and perhaps, favourites in the race for the grand prize. The former housemates who spoke to Big Brother during the Diary sessions based their thoughts on who deserved the prize money on the approach of the housemates to the whole show so far.


Luclay, the South African former housemate had told Biggie during his Diary sessions that he feels Tayo deserves to win the Big Brother Hotshots show. “Tayo should win because he has a winning spirit,” he said. He also told Biggie that both JJ and Macky2 are also deserving winners because they were playing the game well and had strong personalities.


With the grand finale coming up in 17 days, it is obvious that the race for the money is a very tight one for those that would make the final cut. It is left to be seen who walks away as the ultimate hotshot.



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