BBA Hotshots: JJ Loves The Older Women

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JJ - Zimbabwe

The Big Brother Hotshots house has sure had its on share of housemates with lovely interests and funny cravings. One of the housemates that has made known his craving for older women is Idris. Just as Biggie is still missing in action and the hilarious and entertaining Figgie still holds the reins, seems the housemates more than ever must be prepared to answer questions bordering on the very intimate to the extremely absurd during their Diary sessions. Just like the other housemates, JJ was in the spotlight as he was bombarded with a barrage of sexually inquisitive questions during the days diary session. The questions ranged from his opinion on the ladies remaining in the Big Brother house to the ones that caught his fancy.


The Zimbabwean actor seemed hilarious while answering the questions just as he told Figgie that he was seriously interested in Samantha, even though he would not mind Figgie as an option. “I have a thing for Samantha, maybe even Figgie. You know I got a thing for older women,” JJ had said.This assertion seemed to get Figgie all excited which prompted her to start making some weird noises which have come to be known as her trademark. More so, JJ’s statement seemed to have got Figgie thinking even as she asked him if Samantha was part of the “older women” he was referring to. He replied by saying that he did not mean it so, that he was simply referring to Figgie. He however later acknowledged the difference in age between Samantha and himself saying “I’m 23 and she’s 29”.


It seems Biggie’s sabbatical is taking longer than is expected even as it seems that Biggie would be proud of the strides of his stand in as she seems to have gotten a hang of the workings of the house. The housemates are seemingly more relaxed with her while enjoying her jokes and her nice sense of humour.







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