BBA Hotshots: Idris Wins Head of House Title

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Idris - Tanzania

The out going Head of House JJ called out the qualifying housemates – Mr. 265, Frankie, Nhlanhla and Idris into the garden to take part in the Ghandour Putt-Putt Golf Course Tournament to determine the next Head of House. The housemates were supplied with Ghandour-branded T-shirts which they all put on for the task. Each of the qualifiers received a golf club and ball, while the other housemates became on-looking spectators.

At the sound of the alarm the tournament started. The aim of the task was for each of the participating housemates to put the ball from the start line, past all the obstacles created and sink it into the hole at the far end. The housemate who hits the ball the least amount of times from start to finish, would emerge the winner and thus the new Head of House.

Nhlanhla went up first, followed by Frankie. Next up was Mr. 265 and Idris was the last housemate to try it out. All the housemate started well, but however struggled when it came to sinking the ball which was evidently a tricky task. However, they all got it in. The other on looking Housemates were whispering in the background while commenting and clapping afterwards, making it feel like an actual golf tournament. But at the end of the day, there could be only one winner.

In an incredible twist of fate, the winner was Idris. Just as the outgoing Head of House JJ placed the Head of House medallion on Idris’s neck.




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