BBA Hotshots: Housemates Prepare For The Weeks Task

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The Big Brother housemates are earnestly preparing for the weeks task in the hopes of winning the wager and avoiding eviction. More so, in order to ensure that the housemates have all the assistance they can get to achieve top spot for the weeks silent movie task, Big Brother decided to give the housemates caption boards which will aid them in telling their stories while the music would play in the background and set the mood. The housemates had previously worked with a pianist who helped them out with the musical score and thus gave them the opportunity to expand the scope of the task by enhancing creativity with the written word.

Sipe as Head of House read the brief of the latest task to the house, telling them that the caption boards were to serve the purpose of providing extra information about the characters, plot of the story, time and setting, as well as help to provide tit bits of the dialogue. The housemates were also told that they were expected to choose the lines from their script that would best describe all the important story elements and once that is done, they are to decide which of the lines to include and proceed to write the lines on the caption boards provided with permanent markers.

Each of the team were also expected to decide amongst themselves who would be the caption board presenter during the presentation just as the presenter chosen would get a special suit to wear during the presentation.

A couple of the housemates immediately started work as they made efforts to make their script perfect for the task while some opted to prepare their afternoon meals. The presentation is about a day or so away and it is expected that the housemates will completely focus on the task more so, with100% wager placed on the task as usual, a lot is at stake.



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