BBA Hotshots: Housemates Get Surprise Visit. Guess Who It Is? Yes, Desmond Elliott

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Big Brother has devised means of helping the housemates in the various tasks he assigns to them. This time around, Biggie decided to provide help for the second “Big Brother Hotshots Master Class” campaign of the housemates. The help Big Brother provided was in the form of Biggie popular activist and Nollywood star turned politician, Desmond Elliott.

The talented Nigerian actor assisted the housemates in the development of their acting skills while also providing useful information on ways through which the housemates can use the fame from the Big Brother show to effect positive change in the world at large. Desmond Elliot’s message was inspiring and it mainly focused on the importance of hardwork which had a positive impact on the housemates who it seems gained a lot from the experience. He went on further to tell the housemates to make sure they map out a plan for whatever endeavours they may decide to venture into. He also talked about the social responsibility that comes along with the fame and stardom they have achieved by appearing on the Big Brother show, saying it was important they maximise the opportunity while being socially responsible ( he used the Ebola campaign as a case in point).

Desmond Elliott is one of Nollywood’s leading actors, with appearances in over two hundred movies including blockbusters like Men Who Cheat and Yahoo Millionaire. His achievements put him in an esteemed position to mentor and offer acting tips and advice to green horns like the housemates. He has won a lot of awards, notable amongst them being nominated for best supporting actor at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards and best supporting actor in a drama at the 2nd Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

Desmond told the housemates that he was convinced to go into acting by a close friend and that he had to work his way to the pinnacle of the Nigerian movie industry through acting in soap operas and television shows. He is an outstanding actor that has used his fame in a positive way notably with his work with charity organisations like and Face of Hope. With the housemates still smattering from the loss of the 100% Wager on Wednesday, the Nigerian actors visit helped to uplift their spirits even as they prepare for the upcoming Extravaganza presentations coming up tomorrow.






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