BBA Hotshots: Hotshots Housemates May Be Potential Music Directors/Producers As They Produce Track

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Big Brother sure knows how to keep the housemates busy as he taps into their creativity and idealism. This time around, Biggie has enlisted the Hotshots in music production as part of the week’s task is the Channel O Hotshots Best #TIA song. The “This is Africa” song is an attempt to test the musical skills and vocal prowess of the housemates while ensuring unity. However, with the presence of the former housemates in the house and their continued sabotage of the Hotshots, it is left to be seen if the production will go on smoothly. The time has come for the housemates to lay their vocals on sound beats so as to produce a song that will win the hearts of Africans and the world at large.


Moreover, Big Brother specifically set up a recording studio for the purpose of producing the #TIA song. In order to ensure seriousness, Biggie handed the housemates a recording schedule which they are required to adhere to strictly. As is known the world over, Studio time is expensive and precious, thus in order to avoid unnecessary hassles, the housemates are expected to ensure that they have memorised songs including all necessary details. More so, they were also expected to train use the right vocal pitch in conformity with the vocal training they had received for some weeks running. Some of the housemates paired up with their compatriots in duos and trios to ensure they were at their best.

It was during the pairings that Denzel was seemingly hoping to get on Ellah’s nerves who was already touchy and on the verge of lashing out. The altercation seemed obvious as both Ellah and Denzel refused to look each other in the eye and even failed to agree on a greeting in their native Ghanaian language for the song. We wait in anticipation of which of the Teams will win this week’s task.





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