BBA Hotshots Highlights: Of Team Leaders And Failures

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Since the inception of the Big Brother Hotshots about a month ago, It seems somewhat of a coincidence that no sitting Head of House team has won the much coveted Extravaganza presentations which is normally staged on Saturdays with the winner being announced the next day (Sunday) a little after the infamous evictions.

The first Week saw evicted Hotshot Laveda becoming the first ever Head of House of the season 9 of Big Brother Africa. She was successful in helping her fellow housemates win their very first Wager but she however failed to win the first Extravaganza. Many of her fellow housemates attributed her team’s loss to the fights that engulfed her team which was allegedly fueled by JJ and Sabina. Not helping matters was the fact that she chose her team with most of the housemates feeling she picked the strongest contenders in the house but failed to pick the ones popular among the voting population or the fans of the show.

The second week of the show also saw another lady in the person of Samantha who deservedly took over from Laveda. The South African also won the second Wager of the season but just like her predecessor, she too hand-picked her team which was defeated by the supposed “under-dogs.”

More so, the losing streak in the extravaganza of the Head of House teams continued in the third week as Nhlanhla who succeeded his country mate Samantha at the helm also failed. He on his part was even unluckier than the previous two heads as he failed to win either of the Wager and Extravaganza.

As we are now in the fourth week and another Extravaganza is at hand with JJ hoping to break the jinx and be the first ever Head of House to win it, it however seems a far cry if the ramblings in his team is anything to go by. Unlike Nhlanhla though, JJ helped the house win their third Wager victory of the season. He however didn’t have the pleasure of picking his own team after Biggie came up with a new twist, something that seems to have been welcomed by not only the Hotshots but also viewers.

It seems the voting trend has in the past few weeks favoured the “under dogs” making it seem that since the Head of House didn’t pick them, the voters would have their backs. The other criteria that is most probably used to vote for the winner is by who belongs to which team, as long as someone’s  favourite is on a certain team, they’ll be assured of support because they’ve to stay in that house which seems to have denied the aspect of entertainment to play a part on this whole scenario.



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