BBA Hotshots Highlights: JJ’s Love Confessions And Face Off With Butterphly

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JJ - Zimbabwe

As JJ’s headship of the house gradually winds up, he continues to prove that he is the ‘control freak’ his fellow housemates have labelled him to be. With his exerting nature, some of his Team A members are not happy with the way he’s handling the activities in their team. Just like it has been witnessed in previous weeks in the Big Brother house, there always seem to exist a characteristic power struggle in the teams he belongs to. This same spirit seems to have followed him into his present team and is haunting Team A.

One of his team mates, Butterphly feels JJ is at it again as she feels he is trying do all the work in the team which leaves the other team members redundant and useless. She went on to say that even when he assigns a task to someone , it was always disheartening for them to find out that he has already done something with the same piece and doesn’t welcome any new ideas as regards such tasks.

Just the previous day, Team A members had agreed on who would be doing what and Butterphly was tasked with coming up with the team’s introduction for their performance which she was eager to come up with. To her surprise however, JJ had already come up with an Introduction which he had completed and thus did not allow Butterphly to share what she had come up with.

Later the next day, Butterphly took the back seat and did not take part in the team’s preparations which forced the males in the team; Idris,Luis, Kacey and Mr.265 to talk about the whole scenario since they could see it was affecting their team’s performance. Idris was of the opinion that JJ treated Butterphly’s ideas with disrespect while Luis and Kacey felt that everyone in the team should be given a chance and that ideas should be welcome for the improvement of the team. Mr.265 said that for the team to be successful, the members had to be on the same path and of one accord. It is apparent that JJ is multi-talented but his failure to allow other members of the team to contribute towards the team might spell doom for the team’s upcoming Extravaganza.


JJ’S Love confession

Well, JJ spent a better part of the previous day doing virtually everything in the house as a paced from one corner of the Big Brotherhouse to another making everyone wonder what the fuss was all.

It is quite apparent to everyone that if there is any  lady in the Big Brother house that can make the short little man bow, it is the light skinned south African beauty – Samantha. After the fight JJ had with Samantha over the alleged alcohol stashing days back, he seemed to be looking for a way to apologise to his dream lady.

In an apparently lengthy, soft and emotional conversation, JJ expressed himself to Samantha as he told her that he was not able to sleep with a peaceful mind knowing that she was pissed at him. During the whole conversation, he seemed to say everything on his mind as regards his feelings for her.

He started off by saying “I always  want to get closer to you but I cant, that’s scary, I wish I could sleep and by morning all these feelings would go away, outside of this house I could have dealt with it by writing a thousand songs attacking it”. He went on further to tell Samantha that “that way  I can even feel closer to you, still want to wake up in the morning and give you a hug, you are so amazing, I’m just trying my best to control my emotions. You are one of the coolest people I have Eva met, thanks to this show. You are one person I want to keep in touch with after the show. I know there are more than 25 million people watching but I don’t care, I hate emotions but cant help this”

The conversation continued in this line as it went on and on. JJ also went ahead to tell her that if there was any person he would not mind to win  the Big Brother Grand Prize, it was her because he believes she deserves it. The disappointing part however, was that after all that was said by JJ, Samantha sent him away to bed making it seem she still wants to keep him in the friend zone.



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