BBA Hotshots Highlights: Housemates Talk About The Prize Money

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In the previous day’s diary session, Biggie was not only interested in finding out how the housemates were doing but also how they had received the news of winning the 100% wager and the subsequent reward. Biggie also took things a notch further as he asked the housemates what they would possibly do with the money if they emerged as winner of the Big Brother Hotshots.

The response of Trezagah to the question was quite touching and heart-warming as he said that he would love to buy his mother a very big present, especially because she would be turning 52 years on the 16th of December if he won the prize money saying he would definitely be back home by then. He went on to say that it had been a long time since he had done anything for his mother and he hoped to make it his first priority. Trezagah also added that he would like to have a private music studio at his house and that he would also help the less fortunate with a significant proportion of the winnings. The Mozambican rapper’s response was sweet and touching with Biggie saying as much. Sipe on her part simply said that she would buy a house and invest the rest of the money in real estate property making it seem like the Malawian is very business-minded like.


The general approach to the question in the diary room was very positive, putting in mind the wager that was won yesterday. Sipe said that she still felt pains in her hands from all the drumming she did for the wager but insisted that it was all worth it. When asked about the punishment meted out to Idris, she said that she was happy it happened as it taught all of the housemates a lesson about respecting the Big Brother house just as they would respect their mother’s houses.


Luis on his part said that he felt amazing and on top of the world after winning the wager adding that he felt refreshed and revitalised. Trezagah said something akin to Luis’s statement as he stated that he had noticed a change amongst the housemates as they seemed more humble. He also said that they tend to listen more to the guests that came into the house and have been showing more commitment in the general house activities.


Will the hotshots maintain their commitment to this week’s Extravaganza?



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