BBA Hotshots: Botswana And Zimbabwe May Have A Good Chance At Winning And Here’s Why

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Sheilla - Botswana

As the Big Brother Hotshots show gradually winds up and with the housemates having less than two weeks to impress Africa and get the prize money, certain countries seen to have an edge over others. It is interesting to note that some of the countries participating in this year’s Big Brother show still have their two representatives intact while some other countries have no representative left. The countries that have no one left to fly their flags are Kenya, Namibia and Rwanda who have had all their representatives evicted from the house. Perhaps, this is due to the way Africa perceived them or the housemates approached the game.

Goitse - Botswana
Goitse – Botswana


However, some other countries have an edge As all their representatives are still intact. These countries are Botswana and Zimbabwe. The reps from Botswana, Goitse and Sheillah are still in the race for the $300,000 prize money. Goitse has been lucky enough to dodge the nomination list for several weeks as she has only made the list three times since being in the house. Sheillah on her part has been nominated several times even as she also won the crown to become the Head of House for a week. However, voters from Botswana will have a hard time choosing which of the ladies to vote for as both ate up for possible eviction this week. The voters even have an added problem of choosing which of the ladies remain in the house as a country is equivalent of one vote to a housemate.


The other country with their representatives intact is Zimbabwe. The representatives are JJ ; who has disposal immense talent even as he became Head of house in the 4th week and radio DJ Butterphly who has also done well. Luckily for Zimbabwe, Butterphly is exempted from nominations this week which places her automatically for the finale coming up in a week’s time whereas JJ still has to slug it out with other nominated housemates to find out if he will make it to the finals.


Nonetheless, it is evident that these two countries have an edge over other countries as regards having at least one of. Their representatives in the grand finale. It is however important to note that having two representatives might be a thing of pride for the housemates but has a downside as both representatives will have to share votes from their country and the rest of Africa.






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  1. thank you africa zimbabwe deserves the money look at butti the poor of them all,tayo has so much pride do you want him to have it or not,.Africa choose wisely.thank you

  2. my boy tayo you have so much pride,am going to vote for butti deserves the money more than you,votting butterfly ,team tayo

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