Al-Mustapha Responds To Obasanjo’s Hit-Squad Allegations

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Hamza Al-Mustapha who was released from prison a while back has replied former Head of State, President Olusegun Obasanjo that he knows nothing about a killer squad neither does he head anyone for the present head of state. In an interview with Premium Times Al-Mustapha described the accusation has rather unfortunate and also explains why he wants Mohammed Abacha to be the next Kano State Governor.

He says: “I have replied him that it is most unfortunate. That is what I said. And for him to have come up with that I’m sure he has no fact, he has no figures, and he has nothing to say other than what he has done. If he’s angry that God has granted us freedom, that’s another thing entirely. But to give such an allegation, weighty as it is in the eyes of the law, certainly that is a fundamental issue that cannot be brushed aside. I challenge him to an open a debate as a direct reply.

When he made that allegation in writing to the president I was not in Nigeria. I was in India treating the injuries he infected on me courtesy of torture that he arranged on me since 15 years. And while I was on hospital bed the information came that a letter was written on such an allegation. It’s most unfortunate. I wish being a statesman, a former head of state (and) a former senior military officer he should be able to summon me, even to Otta. I’m ready to go anywhere he wishes to discuss such issues. But I was not and I am not to be counted among those who have ill feelings against Nigeria. Rather we are bridge builders; we are peace building machine and we believe in peaceful coexistence of Nigeria. It is the mission before us. So it was so it is. We will not deviate from that.”

Asked on his take on the entry of late Head of State, Sani Abacha’s son into the governorship race in Kano State, he said:

“He is desirous of becoming an aspirant. Mohammed Abacha is my younger brother and where he has an interest, surely I will also have an interest there. I don’t think he’s the one contesting I’m the one pushing him to contest.”




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