African Film Festival 2014: All The Fun And Glamour From Day 2

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The night was pretty surreal, I was surprised I didn’t wake up with a nagging headache after all that drinking, but hey! I seemed to be greater than that. The party wasn’t too great, so don’t ask. Can actors and actresses actually groove erm… hell no. In fact a couple of them had had one to many that one of them actually went to the bar and  order breast milk, really!!!
I took my time before I got up, took a bath, had breakfast and at10am we headed to Tinapa Resort.

Getting there the crowd was kinda of normal, most of them had already headed to the Marina, but there were a couple still around. I got to speak to Adeyemi of Gidi Up, Oblivious and Kpians Premonition fame, Tope Tadela “Best Raising Star NMA 2014″, A Mile from Home”, Yvonne ‘Vixen’ Ekwere and Lancelot Imasuen director “Invasion 1897”. Links to videos coming soon.

After soaking some of the sites of Calabar we headed to the Marina Resort, where screening of the short films and features films were meant to take place as well as a couple of seminars for delegates, actors and actresses alike. After much faffing around, I decided to attend the session with Uzoma the commercial director of Ebony life TV and men, did I feel like I was in a congregation with his seminar. He spoke of film marketing and the importance of it. Just like the 4ps that are associated with marketing, he mention 5 of them that can be related to film. With his wealth of knowledge,  he describe how filmmakers can go ahead to market, advertise  and carry out PR services for their films that transcends just the normal publicity and it guaranteed to offer maximum returns which for film is Word of Mouth. I was totally taken aback with his presentation, I wished we had more participants in the class. I moved back to the film house cinemas, but before then I hung out a bit with the founding fathers Nollywood, Harrison’s them as to why there isn’t more training and avenues where upcoming acts can horn their skills. After this deliberation, I moved into the  cinema hall, to watch a couple of short films. I had enough time to see “vengeance is mine” I-bemis and predators paradise. Short productions that I readily enjoyed. As time waste for no man, I had to quickly move from that screening room to the next one to see Moses Inyang feature production Last 3digits.

Due to logistics reasons, we were required to move to another hotel, so I didn’t watch thT movie till the end. We head to another hotel, which was much more comfortable with Internet access and location that once settled in, we moved to Tinapa for dinner.

Now, as blogger extraordinaire, we watched as the actors and actresses passed people they did not know with ease and decorum. As a festival, we just believed the celebrities will mingle much more easily as truth be told, they have no idea who is in their mist. While I’m not asking that everyone say hello, after all who are we, I must hand it to the brand ambassador, Rita Dominic, Uti Nwachukwu and Kiki Omeli for taking the time out and coming to say hello to a table of people they knew nothing about. Once dinner was done, networking continued some more, as I worked to deliver to my timeline.

By 9:30, the preparations for the pool party started gaining momentum. We arrived at the poolside by10:30pm and grab out drinks which was mainly vodka, like the dude wanted to deliberately kill us. As we sipped, the venue begin to pick up as the stars and indigenes of the state continued to trip in. We danced to the music of DJ hypedeck and had such an amazing time. While to we swayed our hips, I caught sight of the likes of Fred Amat! Bevely Naya, Belinda, Adeyemi, Gideon, Moses Inyang, Genevieve, Charles Novia and a host of other celebrities. There were fire works, loads to eats and drinks and lovely music. By 2pm, it was time to return to base and map out how we were going to conquer day 3 just like we did 2.

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