51-Year Old Man Claims He Was Raped By A 5-Year Old Girl

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After being convicted of rape, a child rapist has claimed that he was drunk and it was the child who raped him.

Clifford Taylor, on October 15 entered a guilty plea on two rape counts in Lake County Commons Pleas Court. The 51-year old researh scientist pleaded guilty to inducing his girlfriend’s young daughter to perform oral sex on him by bribing her with a pudding pop.

However, on November 12, Taylor – after being given the 22-year sentence – attempted to reverse his plea, and said that his attorney forced him to make the initial plea by threatening to have him declared mentally incompetent.

He, trying to get out of the heinous charges leveled against him, claimed that the girl was the one who initiated the sex act, saying she was ‘experimenting’ with him, somehow.

“It’s not true! I was told to lie to you by the man sitting right next to me,” Taylor said, speaking of his lawyer.

“I don’t even remember what I told you. But it wasn’t true. The lie was that I put my penis in her mouth for Pudding Pops. My penis did get in her mouth, but I didn’t put it in there. She put it in there. She grabbed me. She was experimenting. I was drunk and realized it too late.”



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