20th Century Fox passes INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 as Good to Go

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independence day 2

18yrs after the release of the original film 20th Century Fox has finally given it’s approval for the development of a Independence Day sequel. The gap between both movies is quite much so the reaction might not be as wild as it would have been some years ago.

With Will Smith out of the project as he has expressed his disinterest in appearing in the sequel, the show must go on and according to Deadline a date has even bee set for the release of the movie – June 24, 2016 with production tentatively scheduled for May 2015.

Right now the most important thing to the studio is getting a director for the movie as a deal is yet to be concluded with Roland Emmerich who directed he first movie. However once a deal has been struck with the director casting is expected to begin.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

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