Youths Take Over as Oluyinka Oyeniji, Youngest Ever Aspirant, Declares Ambition For Governorship.

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We are at the Alimosho LGA in Lagos State, where a lawyer, Barr. Oluyinka Oyeniji and a card carrying member of PDP, has formally declared his intention to run from the Alimosho LGA in the next gubernatorial elections come 2015 under the umbrella of PDP at the age of 34 years making him the youngest person ever to do so on this platform.
Mr. Oyeniji who made this declaration alongside the former LGA Chairman of Alimosho Otunba Busari Ayinde, who is also running for the seat in the Lagos State House of Representatives, also stated his dreams and visions for Alimosho LGA,  which includes and is not limited to the improvement of the social amenities in the area, the fixing of the roads, new policies with regards to taxes and many more.
This declaration has been received and applauded by the people and members of PDP in Alimosho and the chant is “ALIMOSHO LO KAN” meaning it’s Alimosho’s time to present someone running for this esteemed seat. Read his declarations below after the pictures.
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OLUYINKA OYENIJI – I was born thirty – four years ago in Paris France to MR & MRS OYENIJI, both retired civil servants from Lagos State Government. I was privileged to attend St. Joseph Nursery and Primary School, Idi – Mangoro, Agege, from kindergarten. A school inspired by the CATHOLIC FAITH, it is presently neighbors’ with ST SABINA CATHOLIC CHURCH.

I was again privileged to have decent elementary education even though I was a resident of ABULE EGBA, AGEGE in ALIMOSHO LOCAL GOVERNMENT. All our neighbors’ had their children in ARMY CHILDREN SCHOOL, ABULE EGBA which was a blessing to our small community then. It boasted of decent and hardworking teachers back then, whatever remains of the relics of that school is left to be seen.

I was also a member of the BOYS BRIGADE and by extension, CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH – C.A.C BRIGADE (9th Alimosho Company) where I was taught to always be SURE AND STEDFAST. I look back now and cannot help but applaud the selflessness and industry of NON – GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS at building individuals. I learnt the culture of neatness, sacrifice, high morals and hard work. Needless to say that I spent my first year at Secondary school with MOSHOOD ABIOLA COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL, OSIELE – OGUN STATE which the late mogul, M.K.O ABIOLA had built in honour of his late father. I still recall one of his visits to the school back then and the euphoria of his visit. I was in J.S.S 1 when Nelson Mandela was released from prison, school went on compulsory holiday on the said day. I learnt to read the Islamic fitri while at the school, I also perfected it while at LAGOS STATE MODEL COLLEGE, MEIRAN.

I was transferred to Lagos with both my parents, being civil servants desirous of me attending LAGOS STATE MODEL COLLEGE MEIRAN. In retrospect, I could understand why they would make any sacrifice or undergo any task to achieve their aim back then. The school had only three arms for each class or set from JSS 1 to 3. We couldn’t be more than 31 – 35 pupils in a class for the three arms. So, it was not a surprise that I was one of only about 94 pupils who sat for SSCE while all the students passed. My own SS3C was a class of 12 girls and 9 boys. I have fond memories of all my school mates, Colonel Olagunsoye Oyinlola was Governor of Lagos State back then. Our secondary EDUCATION in Lagos State was a pride, we have to go back there.

I also remember the immunization exercise in Lagos State when LATE OKHAI MIKE AKHIGBE was Governor. Civil servants had to have their children at the Secretariat in Alausa – Ikeja. I remember missing my way from my father’s office at PLANS, PROGRAMMES, BUDGET DEPARTMENT, back to the clinic. I was politely turned back from the Oval Office by the naval ratings attached to the Governor then. We must get back our HEALTH SECTOR.

And then I gained admission to LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY to study Law. Everyone described the institution then as a glorified secondary school. Today, we all know better! The law faculty had frequently been ranked as the best in West Africa, today I am still proud of that school. LASU LAWS is still one of the best.

While I associate myself with THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD where I am a worker and also a member of TEAM NEHEMIAH, the traffic and Security Departments, I also practice law which had given me the impetus to challenge anti – people decisions of the Government inclusive of the law suit which I filed against the President when GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN was fiercely opposed as Acting President. The law suit contributed in his being sworn in as Acting President. Even the Presidency and National Assembly opposed the law suit back then. I also filed the first law suit against the President at the attempted renaming of University of Lagos where I am a Masters’ Degree student.

I continue to advocate for decent living, challenging policies of MULTICHOICE – DSTV, NIGERIA BROADCASTING COMMISSION, NIGERIA COPYRIGHT COMMISSION, AVIATION AUTHORITIES AS WELL AS NAFDAC. We just can’t keep folding our arms till that day! As a member of the Nigeria Bar Association – Ikeja chapter, I continue to contribute my quota to lives well – spending, even spent! Trained by OLUWOLE OLANIPEKUN, S.A.N and OLAYIWOLA BABATUNDE, S.A.N, I have learnt industry, hard work and diligence.

For me, it is time for us to take back Nigeria, starting with the CITY OF LAGOS. It is time for the Youths, a breed without greed to be saddled with the responsibility of governance. True change cannot be confused, it does not change. We should not be hoodwinked by the names of the Party, the prospective changes, the decamping(s) and attempt at making us believe there are only two parties! Enough of us recycling the same people for enormous tasks and responsibilities for governance.

I attempt to convince you as you read my message that nothing should hold us back now. In the last elections, I voted for a candidate who would not challenge his loss rightly because, according to him, “it was not a do or die” affair. This, he told me personally! He is contesting again now, can I trust him having recently discovered that he was content being a vendor to the State Government. We will continue to lose our lives instalmentally if we do not take back our lives at this time.

I salute all the NGOs’, pressure groups and rights’ advocates. Those who also employ the magic of social media, the GEN VOICES, GEMSTONES, SNG, BRING BACK OUR GIRLS and many who have sustained the voices till date. I am proud to be associated with you all. TIME IS NOW.

The CIVIL SERVANTS deserve to have their LEAVE BONUSES back, they deserve to be better trained and given the deserved work tools’. How about proper accommodation where we preach SOCIO – COMMUNISM as our standards (we all work for the common good, build up our State while we take only as much as we need)?

The antidote to crime would be to gainfully engage all of us. Market women deserve better markets and proper pricing alongside convenient means of transportation. We should work to get back the LSTC, LMTC and BRT. We should afford every stakeholder a sense of belonging. Other means of transportation should be explored. There may not be so much traffic on THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE every morning if we can use the rail and water at Oworonsoki to access the Island from the Mainland.

How about siting companies in our suburbs? It may divert traffic and movement from the Lagos Island and ensure an even movement. Private sector which accounts for the larger percentage of the population should be encouraged to offer better and gainful employment. Tax relief perhaps?

A visit to any nearest Police Barracks to you would explain the lack of sense of belonging to the extent of sacrificing lives for security. How about giving our traditional Rulers the deserved respect, incorporating them into our system of governance as a means of ensuring security at grass roots?

Ever wonder why the men of the Nigerian Army are reluctant to defend the sovereignty of our country within and without?

I shall make a more public declaration of my intention to contest for the next gubernatorial elections in Lagos State. Together, we can, we will!





I attended Lagos State University between 1997 and February, 2002 where I studied Law. During my stay in the University, I was an executive of the Law Students Society while I also contributed to the growth of different students’ chambers. I joined other law students of other tertiary institutions to challenge the plan of the then Head of State, Sani Abacha to move the Law School to Abuja for his daughter’s convenience and perceived safety. As a result, the Law School was decentralized with many States boasting of branches of law schools in regions spread all over the country.

In conjunction with S.O.B AGUNBIADE, a serving legislator in the State House of Assembly as well as COMRADE AYO ADEWALE, serving Chairman of Amuwo Odofin Local Government, we challenged oppression against Students of Lagos Tertiary Institutions at different times when they were Presidents of the Student Union Government.



I was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2003, having attended the Enugu Law School. I had the privilege of being exposed to practice of law first hand with the law office of OLUWOLE OLANIPEKUN, SAN who left no stone unturned in impacting diligence and industry in his lawyers. I participated in Commission of Inquiry in Kwara State, appeared at the Appellate Court in Ilorin and also contributed research into General Civil Law as well as Election Petitions. It was also my first time to compile Record of Appeal.

Thereafter, I joined the law office of LAYI BABATUNDE, SAN and Co before heading to the University of Lagos for my Masters.



I also had the opportunity of being the first Legal Officer and Company Secretary at World Dove Media Plc where I learnt the art of corporate governance, compliance as well as management of departmental and board meetings. I found love with the media industry and developed business and creative interests in the media sector. This also served as the pedestal I required to research into intellectual property and developing models to challenge Piracy and institute actions in that regard. I began contributing into government policies to ensure a potent framework for the sector.




The Capital Market recession introduced me to the world of huge debts recovery, conducting due diligence(s) into process which had been established for raising Margin Loans as well as protecting the numerous unsuspecting shareholders from the menace of the capital market operators and Banks intent on recovering funds at any costs. I contributed into helping the ASSET MANAGEMENT CORPORATION OF NIGERIA from working beyond its mandate within the law and helping businesses from imminent collapse.

I had the benefit of negotiating huge loans, calling out Operators and regulatory agencies as well as managing assets for business growth.



I was Head of different law offices where I learnt diligence, industry and positive outlook in human resource and case management. I was Head of Chambers at FIDELITY LAW FIRM, BANWO AND IGBOKWE, USMAN, ELEMA AND SOLICITORS while I Partnered MS AYODEJI OLORUNKUNLE in setting up FIRST CHRONICLES LP, a corporate commercial law firm which also affords the indigent in legal representation.



I have always encouraged Non – Governmental Organisations established to offer private sector participation in lofty objectives and goals. I am Trustee of HUMAN RIGHTS FOUNDATION, GBADAMOSI OLAYINKA LIGHT FOUNDATION for the Blind while I am member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Institute of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (U.K.). I was member of the Boys Brigade and continue to support different initiatives for healthy living.



I have never let the opportunity to advice Government on different policies and actions pass by without contributing my quota with the interest of the populace paramount on my mind at different times.

I also challenged the Presidency and National Assembly when it was apparent that the Vice – President was not going to be sworn in as President when the latter was without the capacity to continue in that office.

I continue to frown at the Lagos Traffic Law which is a replication of the FEDERAL HIGHWAYS ACT OF 1963, the arbitrary services of MULTICHOICE, NATIONAL AGENCY FOR FOOD, DRUGS, ADMINISTRATION AND CONTROL, the Financial Banks, as well as employers.



Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. Wonder shall never end in this country! See declaration as if they are doing naming ceremony!!! Even if you want to aspire, must you do it under PDP that you know you will never get its ticket … Nonsense!

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