Why Suarez Missed Out On The Ballon D’Or List

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When the 23 man list for the Ballon D’Or nominees was released, the biggest surprise was clearly the exclusion of Barcelona forward Luis Suarez who asides from the bite on Chiellini had a wonderful 2014 for both Liverpool and Uruguay.

Fans have come up to declare that Suarez exclusion from the list is a travesty and if players like Bale who were not even at the world cup were considered and Players liked Di Maria then Suarez should be included in the list too. Especially as he was almost the singular reason why Liverpool are back in Champions league football.

Suarez is a footballer with undeniable talents and although he looked well of the pace in the Classico on Saturday, Suarez could be excused because he had missed four months of active football. He can be excused in the Classico but not for the Ballon D’Or nominees list. In the year in consideration, Suarez was out for four months and in those four months, Messi captained Argentina to the World Cup final, Robben was impressive for Netherlands and Germany, Di Maria scored three goals and created another four for Manchester United and returned hope to Old Trafford, Neymar banged in four goals in one match for Brazil and scored in game after game for Barcelona, James Rodriguez became highest goal scorer at the world cup and Ronaldo banged in 21 goals in 14 games for Real Madrid. On that evidence alone, Suarez should not be on the list.

Suarez bites chiellini

The Ballon D’Or is an award that is given to a footballer that stands for everything that is good in football both in skill and character. That is one of the reasons Messi beat Ronaldo to the award four times. Suarez may project the image of a goal scorer and fighter on the pitch but character-wise, the former Ajax man leaves much to be desired. His racist abuse of Evra was well publicizedin 2011 and in the year in review, Suarez did the worst thing any footballer could have done: At the biggest footballing event, the world cup, Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini during a match between Italy and Uruguay, blowing Zidane’s 2006 world cup final head-butt out of the water. Suarez actions shamed Liverpool, Uruguay, himself and most especially FIFA. It is safe to say that Suarez doesn’t have the kind of Character that is worthy of that list. I know some people will say that Zidane made the top three in 2006 despite his head-butt  but may I remind you that unlike Suarez, Zidane was red carded in the final and he also paid a steep price because despite his abilities and performances being unparalleled in 2006 he still was not named world footballer of the year.

zidane headbutt

If I were to state the reason why Suarez is not on the 23-man list for the Ballon D’Or, My answer would be simple: Suarez bit Chiellini at the World Cup

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