Waconzy Versus Malaria Zero Tolerance Campaign as he continues his Anti-Malaria Campaign in Niger-Delta riverine (Photos)

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Waconzy, who is passionate about eradicating malaria has taken his ‘Waconzy vs Malaria’ campaign to Niger-Delta. In 2013, Waconzy’s silver-spoon foundation launched the Waconzy Versus Malaria Zero Tolerance Campaign in Lagos (see pictures here https://www.360nobs.com/2013/10/singer-waconzy-joins-fight-against-malaria-photosvideo/) and since then, so many Nigerians have benefited via hiscampaign donations. 

Waconzy‘s silver spoon foundation recently donated a large number of treated mosquito nets, anti-malaria drugs to residents of riverine areas in Niger delta to help eradicate malaria from that area.

 Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_11_360nobs

“Malaria is the biggest enemy of the human race. Malaria kills about 3,000 Children daily and about 2 million people yearly. I believe we cannot keep waiting on the government, that’s why I took it upon myself to be an agent of change and touch as many lives as possible via my “Waconzy Versus Malaria 2″ anti-malaria campaign. Also calling on more Nigerians to join the fight against malaria so together we can save more lives”…….Waconzy tweets.

For Partnership/Enquires, email: silverspoonfoundation@waconzy.com

See pictures of Waconzy‘s recent “Waconzy versus Malaria” campaign in Rivers state.


Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_10_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_IMG_1031_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_IMG_1191_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_9_360nobs

Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_5_360nobs

Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_7_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_IMG_1238_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_IMG_1207_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_6_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_1_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_3_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_4_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_IMG_1247_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_IMG_1255_360nobs Waconzy_Malaria Campaign_2014_2_360nobs




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