Van Vicker: I Don’t Have Ebola!

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Ghanaian actor Van Vicker has denounced rumors that he has Ebola.

Plenty reports had carried stories that the Liberian-born actor had contracted the virus while shooting a movie in Monrovia.

Some reports even went as far as saying he had been denied access back into Ghana and had been quarantined.

But according to the actor, the rumors are extremely inaccurate, as he never even went to Liberia.

According to him, he cancelled the Liberia trip last month when he heard the news of the outbreak.

“I read the story, my intention was to go to Liberia to shoot…but I didn’t go”

Vicker who is also of Liberian lineage revealed on the show that he is working with the UN response team based in Ghana to help the situation in his home country.

“My heart does go out to all Liberians and I want them to know I have not abandoned them. I am doing all I can to help them in this time of crisis.”




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