Usher Promises To ‘punch Justin Bieber in the f—ing chest…’

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Usher, who has been responsible for grooming Justin Bieber from the time he was just a YouTube sensation, that was eventually discovered by present manager, Scooter Braun to a star, had a few things to say about him.

The R&B star is very aware that the “Baby” singer has not been on his best behavior over the past few years, telling Billboard, “I’m not happy with all the choices my friend has made.”

With Justin now making the news these days mostly for his run-ins with the law and clashes with paparazzi, Usher has made it clear he is ready to show some tough love if that’s what it will take to get the Biebs back on track.

“I’ll punch him in the f—ing chest when I need to,” he said, “and give him a hug and kiss when I need to.”

Usher still pledges his support for his protégé, and said that he will “try my hardest to give as much positive reinforcement as I can.”

“It’s more than just mentoring,” he added. “I love the kid.”

Usher and Bieber

Bieber seemingly responded to the interview when he tweeted his mentor a few hours after the article was published.

“Love bro,” he tweeted.



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