Three Ways To Get Your Mobile Business Ready

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Retail businesses, both big and small, are embracing mobile payment options such as ControlScan and TransFirst. This is not surprising considering the rising number of mobile phone and tablet users in the market today. During the first quarter of 2013, a study showed that 48 percent of online shoppers used mobile devices to complete online sales, according to Merchant Account Guide. This is proof that technology has taken over a good number of business workflows. And it will be just as important to keep abreast of technology as time moves on. This will help keep your business afloat and if acted on at the proper time, it can help your business thrive.

It is not surprising to find some businesses watch on the sidelines as technology takes a good hold of the retail market. Change is not something a good number of retail owners can adapt to real quick, more so if it involves technology. Many traditional business owners have not had enough time to understand how the Internet and apps work. The younger generation of retail owners has the added advantage of studying technology trends. This, along with how to navigate software and hardware, is part of many school curriculums. They also get more hands-on experience with these systems, so it is easier for them to adapt. The transition is manageable with the help of eCommerce sites like Shopify. They have a host of easy to understand systems and they can help you get used to online retail.

Understanding Mobile Site vs. Full Site

From desktops to mobile technology, eCommerce companies are seeing why some consumers do not buy at all from them. You know what a website looks like on your desktop browser, it can be quite nice on a large screen. With mobile Internet, however, there’s the problem of small screen size. Users can get tired scrolling of up and down, left and right to be able to view everything.  If your store has a mobile app, online shoppers can become frequent customers. Tablets are fast becoming very popular handheld devices, thanks in part to large screens. Yet, it has the advantage of convenience on the go like mobile phones. The screen is twice as wide as a regular mobile phone, but it’s still not as big as that of the computer screen.

The key piece to remember is that online shoppers go online for the sake of convenience. If viewing your online store becomes difficult when logged in on a mobile device, they will move on to the next online store. Mind you, there are only a few online stores out there that have a mobile-ready site that can immediately win customers over.

Easy Checkout

After fixing the website to make it mobile-ready, checkout is another key to the puzzle. Is your store capable of using mobile devices to accept payment? This question applies to physical stores too. According to Merchant Account Guide, between 2012 and 2013, mobile payment use increased by 70 percent. And you can expect the numbers to be higher in the coming years as more and more consumers are becoming used to the technology. In fact, there are several apps out there to make everything easier. These apps are customizable according to your specifications.

Vendors of mobile payment solutions have invested on heavy marketing for its usage. For retail businesses, mobile payment solutions allow them the flexibility to accept payments from any location. It helps hasten the payment process while being extremely convenient to customers.

Mobile Wallets

Is your point of sale terminal ready to accept mobile wallets? This eliminates the need to swipe credit cards or even enter credit card information on the computer. It uses NFC technology (Near Field Communication). This works by allowing two devices to communicate with each other without direct contact. This is the same concept used when exchanging files via Bluetooth functionality. POS terminals enabled with NFC can read the EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) chips on credit and debit cards with a quick tap or wave.

It is easy to see why consumers are getting pulled into mobile technology. It allows them to use their phones for more than just calling and texting. Phones have evolved to an all-in-one device where you can do a lot of things. You can use it as a daily organizer of activities, or as a diary, calendar, for gaming, as a flashlight, for email, and more. You can also see that it has become part of the POS terminal on both the customer and business ends. Getting mobile ready could help give retail businesses a boost in sales. Shoppers would be flocking to both your physical and online stores all the time. They go there to check out products or services you offer. And then, they would complete the sale because they have the flexibility of using their mobile phones to do it.

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