#TheQueenTweets: Twitter Reacts To Queen Elizabeth’s First Ever Tweet

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Queen Elizabeth II has taken to Twitter for the first time, announcing the launch of the Information Age exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

Using the @BritishMonarchy Twitter account, the Queen posted the tweet to her 728,000 followers.

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Twitter users have taken the chance to welcome the monarch to the social media platform, including some advice from former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

The tweet itself has already received a flurry of attention, with more than eight thousand retweets and seven thousand favourites but some have questioned where or not it was actually sent by the Queen.


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Pictures of the momentous event show the Queen using an iPad to send the tweet but Twitter’s internal records suggest it was sent using an iPhone.

Whether or not the Queen actually ‘sent’ the tweet then looks to be one of those conundrums that will puzzle society for generations to come.



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