THE REIGN OF BRANDS… First Bank Persistent in Quest to Own The Digital Space

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The 21st century as we live in it, is without a doubt a world controlled by brands. Providing a good product or service is no longer enough to put you on the selling list, let alone, on the top. Making that list has become about how good a marketing and communications strategy you apply. The prevailing presence of social media has further helped in solidifying this point. Businesses are daily evaluated by the public with opinions and views bounced off from one person to another, until liking or not liking it becomes a trend. Basically, the idea of who you are is sold long before you get to the end-user. With the idea in mind, smart businesses are always looking for a way to rejuvenate themselves and promote their brands.

Recently, FirstBank launched some campaigns in line with its on-going agenda to rejuvenate its brand and promote its updated services. Specifically, the move was to promote four of the brand’s products on social media: the ‘more than cash’ campaign of its FirstBankATM; The versatile FirstOnline platform that persuades you to be your own banker, the exclusive FirstBankPayPal and their wide range of FirstBankCards.

Every day over the past 5 weeks, one couldn’t help but notice FirstBank having one campaign or the other on their social media platforms with one of the four listed campaigns as a major feature. The creativity utilized in this digital Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC) shows that FirstBank isn’t playing around in its bid to stay first. It is showing us a blend of technology and fun, and in the process commanding that the public take note and see it not as ancient, but as cool.

Without a question, FirstBank is well determined to reposition itself in the contemporary banking field. Holding on to its reputation of security and stability that comes with its age, it has found a way to blend modern, creative, audacious and fun into the mix; bolding stating its new brand as a ‘fine blend of old and new’. All of these are also seen in its recent social media promotions of some of its services. The campaigns witnessed give-aways of 5,000 account credits as well as airtime top-up to the public after a couple of quizzes on its some of its products and services.

With all these moves by FirstBank, it is clear that it is truly living up to its name as ‘First’ and is well on its way to ensure that all demographics feel confident enough to build a banking relationship with them.

Conclusively, we fully intend to keep up our monitoring radar on FirstBank to see just how this new trend plays out.



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  1. FirstBank is indeed stepping up their game. It is good to see that they are doing all them should to appeal to the younger generation.

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