Sick Or Nah? ‘Sexy Ebola Nurse Halloween Costumes’ Selling Out Big in the US

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Websites and costume stores in the United States have found a way to cash in the Ebola crisis rocking the world of which as of present there are more than 10,000 cases as reported by the World Health Organization. The stores are now selling male and female versions of what looks mocked up to look like a containment suit being worn by volunteers risking their own lives to treat people infected with the deadly disease. A description of the suit says: ‘As the deadly Ebola virus trickles its way through the United States, fighting its disease is no reason to compromise style.’

Ebola costume

The costumes, which are being sold for $59.99 (N9,900.00) come complete with a white costume dress, face shield, breathing mask, safety eye goggles and blue gloves. 

The site sells the lace up yellow boots separately for $79.99 (N13171).

The description adds: ‘The short dress and chic gas mask will be the talk of Milan, London, Paris, and New York as the world’s fashionistas seek global solutions to hazmat couture.’

It says the male and female outfits are the perfect way for couples to dress up for Halloween parties. On the male version the website adds: ‘This will literally be the most “viral” costume of the year.’ 

Halloween-Ebola Costumes



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