Shocking: Woman Fires Warning Shot At Naked Man Raping Her Dog

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Waterbury Police are currently examining a case of a woman who stumbled on a naked man who was sexually assaulting her pit bull in her backyard. The man is believed to be suffering from mental health issues, because he didn’t back down even after shooting off her gun as a warning shot.

“I thought my dog had killed somebody, because I saw a man underneath her,” said Alice Woodruff. “I started to scream. I had a citronella candle and I threw it at him, screaming get off my dog, you have to get out of here. He said no! Today is the day we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

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It was more than apparent to Woodruff that this man was suffering with mental illness, as she has worked in the mental health field for many years.

Layla who she describes as an aggressive rescue pit bull kept on an 800-pound tow chain in the back yard; however, was calm during the attack.

“He pranced through the yard naked, yelling ‘this is our day and you have to prosper in it,’” said Woodruff. “‘ISIS sent me,’ and I was thinking ‘did something like this just land in my back yard?’ I ran in, got my gun out of the bedroom, and realized as usual the ammunition is in my car locked in my glove box. I showed him the clip went in, but I always kept the gun at my side while I was talking to him. He kept saying this is the plan, that we were going to die today in a massacre. He didn’t seem to care that I had the gun, and I kept it down. Then I gave him a warning and shot the gun to the right into the dirt.”

Woodruff did not know the man, but she recognized him from living in the neighborhood and she didn’t want to shoot him. He walked toward her with his hands in the air telling her to “kill me,” but he said to her that as soon as she does kill him that “we’re all going to die.” She again said she wasn’t sure if she would become part of a massacre as this entire incident was frightful and bizarre.

While she felt fear, her compassion overwhelmed her as she could see the man desperately needed help. The WTNH reporter asked Woodruff, “After all of this you were still concerned for his safety?” She said that she was because the way he was acting she was afraid someone would hurt him or killed him and she said that man was only 22, she found out later. He fled her yard, but several 911 calls from the neighborhood about a naked man running through the yards led the police to the man.

He was transported to the hospital where he was admitted for a psych evaluation. When he is released police will be arresting him for cruelty to animals, sexual assault and breach of the peace.



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