Shocking Abomination: Nigeria Records First Lesbian Wedding

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According to Stelladimokokorkus report, two lesbians in Nigeria just recently got wedded.

We were made to understand that the ‘groom’ who is believed to always behave like a man is a pretty, fair skinned, well built actress from the Southern part of the country.

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Further investigation by source that preferred anonymity revealed that the actress has been a lesbian all her life. “Oh, she didn’t just start now. She’s been into the act for like almost all her life.

From secondary to university, we all knew her to be one. The only shocking thing is this one they said she just wedded a follow lesbian. And you won’t believe this: She is a married woman o! But Lesbi has obviously entered her blood. Only God knows whether her husband still touches her. These small-small girls who are her partners practically live in her house.

She tells her husband that they are her colleagues, who have accommodation problem. But it is a big fat lie. The man, maybe, would have protested or even kicked them out since. But being that he is currently out of job and now depends on her to do practically everything, there’s almost nothing he could do”.

The unlawful wedding took place at the pool side of a popular hotel in Ogudu, Lagos. And in attendance were said to be other known lesbians like Sola, Rita, Elizabeth, Bunmi, Victoria and Sandra.

Speaking on the significance of the wedding, a source told correspondent, that all other lesbians will henceforth steer clear of the ‘couple’. “You know that lesbians are usually very jealous. So, with this wedding, the other members of their club will now leave them alone. Although they could still tango with whoever they fancy, among their other members. But certainly not these two. Like fidelity is preached and expected in marriage, that is also what is expected here. No more ‘cutting shows’ outside. No more sleeping with multiple partners. Both of them must stick to themselves and no one else”.

We also learnt that an elderly member of the group, also married and who resides in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, united them in ‘Holy Matrimony’ and thereafter massive fun commenced with foods and drinks in excess.

The bride, lest we forget, is young, very pretty and also fair-complexioned.

Viewers what are your opinions on this abominable act, should this couple be wished well or thrown to jail?



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  1. Its abominable because you made it so. I wish them happy married life. As long as they are happy and they are not harming anyone its okay by me.

  2. This is a real abominable act, it is also ungodly. They should be thrown to jail including everyone that participated in joining them together. That is what the law says.

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