Selfie Flops? Duck Face Mishap? Here’s How To Take A Great Selfie

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Gone are the days when we have to get to a photo studio before our pictures can be taken. With the invention of digital cameras and smartphones, we can take pictures everywhere and more interestingly, by ourselves. From actors, actresses, musicians, presidents to award winning scholars, everyone is taking a selfie. It is a great way to show the world your fun side, fashion sense, confidence and personality. However, taking a picture of yourself by yourself can be a hard thing to do since you are in front of the camera and the back of the camera, at the same time. It can also be frustrating, especially when the pictures don’t turn out as good as you expected. Taking a good selfie, therefore, is an art. It is more than just pointing the camera at your face and clicking away.

In order to take a beautiful, attention-grabbing selfie without coming off as an egomaniac or narcissistic, you must:

-Check Yourself Out: before you pick up your phone, tab or camera to take pictures, you must give yourself a thorough once-over. You don’t want to take pictures of yourself and then have to delete them just because you didn’t like the way your hair was flying about or your lipstick was smeared. Look at a mirror and check yourself out before you start snapping.

-Capture A Good Angle: to take a great selfie, you must know how to capture your good sides. You can experiment by turning your face to the left or to the right but the best angle to take a selfie is to raise your phone or camera slightly above your face and snap. This angle makes your face slimmer. If you want your chest captured with your face, turn one shoulder a little bit towards the camera. Stick your neck out just slightly to get rid of the bulge under your chin. To appear slimmer, you can push out one of your hips to the side.

-Use Good Lighting: for every kind of photograph, lighting matters a lot and selfie is no different. Do not take your pictures in a poorly lit room or a room with harsh fluorescent lighting. The built-in flash of your phone or camera can also ruin the quality of your selfie. Instead of using artificial lighting, stand next to a window or outside when the sun is shining. Using natural light for your selfie (and all pictures), gives it a natural, soft look. It also gets rid of dark shadows especially dark circles around your eyes from your pictures.

-Never Be Too Serious: your facial expression, composure matters a lot when taking a selfie. You don’t want to look too serious in your pictures, so smile, make crazy, yet cute faces. Your selfie should radiate coolness, fun,interesting not sad and boring. You can stage your selfie to show off something exciting going on at the background, show off your new pet, new shoes. Let your picture show that you are having fun and happy to shoot yourself.

-Do something different, yet interesting: most selfies we see just show the photographer just standing, sitting or lying down. In order to make your pictures even more interesting, you can do something unusual like painting your body or face with cool colorful pictures like flowers, heart shapes or you can put tattoo stickers on your body. This will take attention from your face and let people see another side of you.

-Use Your Phone’s Back Camera: almost every phone has two cameras; one in front and one at the back. Pictures taken with your back camera have higher resolution than ones taken with the front camera. It is therefore advisable to use your back camera to snap selfies. It is harder and won’t enable to see your face till you are done snapping but the quality is worth the stress.

-Watch Out For Photo Bombers: photo bombers are people or things that can ruin your perfect picture. It could be your siblings, someone doing something not so cool at your back, pants lined at your back, dirty clothes strewn everywhere and so on. Before you take your pictures, you must make sure your environment is clean and safe enough for the perfect picture you want. Photo bombers are not entirely bad though, some could turn out more perfect than expected.

-Use Photo Editing Apps: there is absolutely nothing wrong is making use of filters and the likes for your pictures. If not anything, the right Photo editing applications make your pictures even look better. You can make your picture lighter or darker; as you please with these Apps.

Basically, for a selfie to turn out well, you must be comfortable with yourself. Do not overdo it by putting on too much make-up, wearing too much clothes than necessary or not wearing much. Do not edit your pictures so much, you are barely recognizable. Keep everything as minimal as possible, be yourself, be confident and voila, you have a great selfie to show off on twitter, Facebook, instagram and the likes.

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