SATC 3! Sex and the City Looks Set for Another Stylish Sequel!

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Just when you thought all the girly fun and man troubles were over for the SATC girls, Sarah Jessica Parker drops a huge hint that they may soon be returning to the big screen. SJP who plays the whimsical and devastatingly stylish writer, Carrie Bradshaw sent out a cryptic tweet in a Twitter exchange with co-star Kristen Davis which sent fans of the show into overdrive.


Although rumours of a sequel have swirled around for years, this is the first time anything has come close to being confirmed by the stars of the show. In an interview the previous day, Jennifer Hudson, who played Carrie’s assistant Louise in the first show, confirmed that they were in talks for a 3rd sequel. Even though the second film was not as well received as the first, die hard fans of the show will no doubt still flock to the cinema even if its just to see their four favourite girls click their heels over those New York sidewalks one more time. Watch this space.



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