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BBA Hotshots


The Big Brother Africa Hotshots Launch show commenced with the expected glitz and glamour known with the Big Brother franchise. IK opened up the show with a special number singing about things to expect in this year’s Big Brother Africa Hotshots

The show went down memory lane by showcasing past winners of the show from season one to season eight.

The contestants then came out to perform for the audience and viewers for the first time. First time Rwandan representative Frankie, a talented singer and actor sang and was scored 63.4% by the audience. Kacey Moore representing Ghana was next to sing on stage. The poet, song writer got 52% votes. Nigeria’s representative Lilian got 69.4% for her dancing skills. Radio presenter Butterphly was next on stage. She rapped and got 44.4% votes from the in house audience.

Rapper, Trezagah representing Mozambique got 45.3% votes. Kenyan actress/presenter performed a comic show and got 78.3% from the audience. After this, the first six housemates were led into the house.

Singer, song writer JJ, sang to the delight of the audience to get 72.6% of their votes. This so happened to be his 4th audition and he expressed his joy for getting the opportunity to get into the house. Ugandan representative Esther danced and sang to obtain 45.4% votes from the studio audience. Mr 265 said he hopes to gain exposure from the show and he got 45.9% for his singing.

The second representative from Nigeria Tayo, a model and fashion designer sang and said he hopes to bring originality to the BBA house. He got 68.3% for his singing skills. Sushi chef and poet Permithias from Namibia got 68.3% from the audience for his singing.

Diamond Platinums stepped on stage to perform and thrill the audience with the massive song titled Number 1.

Zambian singer/ dancer Resa got 60.1% from the audience for her performance followed by Nhlanhla. The south African model actor got 58.5% for his poetry. Ghanaian M’am Bea who is a fashion designer thrilled the audience by dressing up a Mannequin under a minute for which she got 72.5% votes from the in house audience. Former beauty queen Ellah Uganda’s second representative sang and got scored 54.6% by the audience.

Performing arts student/dancer Goitse representing Botswana said she would love to be remembered for fun and she was scored 64.2% for her singing skills. Kenyan Actor and singer Alusa said he believes he deserves to win as he is charming, entertaining and a full African man. He was scored 61% by the audience.

Furthermore, South African singer/songwriter Samantha asked the audience to clap along as she sang and she was rewarded with 61% of their votes. Next up was dancer/ saxophonist Laveda. The Tanzanian scored 85% for delivering a wonderful sax piece. She described herself as an eccentric entertainer. Next on stage was comedian, dancer and radio DJ Arthur from Rwanda who performed a comic piece to the delight of the audience. He was scored 77.5% for his effort.

South African artist Jasper Nyovest stepped on stage to thrill the audience as he performed “Doc Tshabaleta”.

After the interlude, the Next house mate to be unveiled was Botswana’s second representative Sheila who said she was bold enough to last 63 days and that she would build on the exposure and experiences garnered from the house. She was scored 58.4% for her poetry. Singer / hairdresser Sipe who was one of Malawi’s representative scored 59.1% for her musical rendition. Namibian Model/ actor, Louis stepped on stage semi nude showing his six packs to deliver his poetry. He was scored 58.3% by the audience for his efforts. Zambia’s acclaimed hip hop artist Macky 2 said he expects the audience to discover over the course of 63 days that he’s human like the rest of the world and not perfect. He got 59.1% of the audience vote for his performance.

Mozambican actress Mira delivered a remarkable poetry for which she got 47.8% votes from the audience. Next up was Tanzanian break dancer/photographer Idris. He retorts that his major strength in the house would be girls. He got 64.3% for his break dancing skills.

Music Superstar Davido then climbed the stage to cap the night’s performance with his Monster hit “Skelewu“. The studio audience just about lost their minds when the BET award winner took to the stage with his massive tune; His label-mate B-Red acted as his hype man for the night – Download Skelewu here

After all the housemates had entered the big brother house, Biggie announced that all the contestants with the exception of Laveda are up for possible eviction. This was because she had the highest votes from the in house audience in the talent hunt show. Laveda was also automatically made house head by Biggie.

You can watch all the video performances of the Hotshots’ housemates here.



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