Potty Mouthed Princess: Were the girls too profane?

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Still riding the wave of the potty mouthed princess, there has been a lot of discussion to whether the girls were too vulgar or if their vulgarity was not the issue but rather the message should be the point of focus. (Read initial story here)

Sally Kohn of CNN says:

“…All great points. Points we still don’t talk enough about as a society — as evidenced by the unequal treatment still baked into the cultural and policy reality of women in America today.

And the most interesting premise of the video is indeed tied to its salacious production: Why do we think it’s more offensive for children, especially little girls, to be cursing like sailors compared with the extraordinary bias, discrimination and in too many cases, violence these girls and others will face throughout their entire lives? Isn’t that far more offensive?”

as she goes on in not exactly defending the girls actions but supporting their cause (you can read the rest of her comments here)

A commenter, Joe Bloe says;

“Women get it all in court and in society as well. these are the same women who want me to give up my seat on the train when it’s full, because they are tired. I worked all day too. Too bad if you were too slow to get a seat.

Enough already. We live in the US and ALL of you women should thank God and kiss the ground. Every. Single. Day. There are places on this planet where it is a crime for a woman to defend herself from being raped. In India, the dirty secret is finally out about rape yet women in the US continue to moan and complain.

The only common sense that came out of this video is that men should be taught to respect women. The end.

I wont be buying a shirt”

The campaign was organized by a t-shirt company, FCKH8 that describes itself as socially conscious and says that $5 from the sale of the t-shirts which has feminist slogans emblazoned on it will go to charity.

Another commenter tjcomer

 Once again, our friends from the far left side of the political spectrum prove how classless they are. This is a gimmick to sell product, nothing more.

Gender based pay inequality has been disproved and it ISN’T good for a boy to act like a girl.

There are better ways to make a point.  And I won’t be buying a T shirt from these charlatans.

Other publications have gone on to criticize FCKH8.com for using the little girls in achieving the shock factor that will get its t-shirts attention, which seems to be happening. The for-profit group that goes by a profane abbreviation claims they wanted to use a bad word for a good cause. At the end of the video, viewers are asked to support the group and its mission by buying t-shirts.

Most parents seem to be uncomfortable with little kids using so much profanity though

Father, Zachary Bucher, found it hard to believe that children could understand the subject saying, “It’s a little bit too much for them to be thinking about that at that age. Worry about being a kid instead. A little bit of innocence, you know?”

Angela Diniack, mother of a girl and boy, agreed. She told a magazine, 10News that the commercial had some good points, but the profanity was unnecessary. “To me it seems ignorant to use that vocabulary to get your point across. There are other ways to do it,” said Diniack. She also questioned the mothers who involved their children saying, “I couldn’t imagine saying, ‘Yah, go ahead and do this commercial and use those words to get your point across.’ I try to instill something else in my daughter.”




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