Photos: Sean Tizzle’s UK album Listening Party for ‘The Journey’

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Sean Tizzle hosted an invitation only album listening party for His London  fans on Tuesday 7th October 2014 in the heart of London.

The album, which was released in Nigeria in May, was played in full. The “Sho Le” singer sat and explained track by track the significance of the songs and how they came together.

Wise Tola and Toya Washington(Former Big Brother UK Contestant)  were the hosts for the evening, while UK Afrobeats stars Vicky Solar and Moelogo were in attendance. Alongside Ben TV’s Magazine show host Femi and a host of other celebs,  fans and we’ll wishers.

The album listening party was in anticipation for his second live concert in the UK since his emergence into the world of Afropop, you can view pictures from his previous concert at the IndigoO2 here. This event was put together by Adesope (Factory78 and vox africa). Check out some of the pictures below.

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