PHOTOS: GATP by the Pool… October 4th (Independence Weekend)

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The Ciroc at GATP Series needs no introduction. The Penthouse or the Poolside, Having Maximum fun is definitely a no brainier. GATP by the Pool took place on the 4th of October 2014 (Independence Weekend) at The Blowfish Hotel, Victoria Island. The Party kicked off at 2pm.
The Desert sun after a long week of constant rain. The party felt Luxurious, chilled-out pool, water guns, daybeds, guests in their swim wear while sipping that Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka. Service here was second-to-none, ice-cold towels, frozen pineapples and so on.
At The Grill, its the Best Djs Only… Dj Rolly from Buddah bar International, House maestro DJ Ruud, Debby, Bally and DJ Sparrow.
The GATP Series is brought to you by Bankhead Entertainment and Powered by Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka.
Partners: Weyworld, Bang & KosherFollow them on Instagram: @thegrillatdpool@bankheadentertainmentThis Event is Strictly 18+
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