360nobs’ Oye Akideinde reveals his Best/Worst Movies and Series

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In a bid recommend some good movies/series to people and dissuade them them from watching the awful ones, we’ve come up with this short interview questions (which might get modified over time) aimed at revealing what well known people in different industries consider fun and what they try to stay away from.

To kick off this interview segment, is 360nobs’ boss Oye Akideinde who happens to be a huge movie buff. Here you see him list his best movies, series and those ones that dulled him a bit.

Check out the list after the jump.

Last Movie that impressed you
22 Jump Street

Last dull movie you came across

Last Nigerian/African movie you watched
Half of A Yellow Sun

Best 2 TV Series of the moment
The Simpsons
American Dad

Last Series that Dulled you
Under the Dome

If you could appear in a movie alongside any actor who would it be
Julia Roberts

Best Animation

Best Superhero Movie of all time
X-Men (all)

Best movie character (+ what movie was it)
It’s a tie – Wolverine in Wolverine; Donkey in Shrek

Your Top 2 series of all time
Family Guy
The Simpsons

Best movie of all time (List 3 if you’re greedy and can’t choose)
Kill Bill
Pursuit of Happiness

Leave us a note to let us know if there are other questions you would like us to include in this short interviews we plan on continuing for a while.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


  1. turns out i’ve watched everything on that list,and its all mediocre…if u havent watched game of thrones,banshee,true detective,breaking bad,modern family,new girl, or even castle then dont call yourself a buff and i dont think u should b taken seriously!

    1. You sound bitter Hilary. You list Banshee alongside Game Of Thrones and that shows your level of reasoning and why your comment should be ignored.

    2. Duh… to each his/her own. I’ve seen all the series u mentioned and cos they r not on my top 2 dont make them bad series and none of them will ever get up to season 26 like the Simpsons …Just saying

  2. i dont know much about movies…but i so love ‘like stars on earth’ . its an indian movie produced in 2007…yea, its way back, i know. but this year, ‘the fault in our stars’ blew me away. it totally blew me away. i saw ‘maze runner’ last week. very confusing something but alot of action. i love action. @Hilary, sorry eh… drink akamu and sleep. #okbye… and i love this site.. calms my nerves.

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