Oscar Pistorius May Spend Only 10 Months In Jail!

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Oscar Pistorius begins house arrest

Today saw the sentencing of paralympian athlete Oscar Pistorius.

Pistorius, who was convicted earlier of manslaughter, was handed a 5-year jail sentence, most of which he could spend at home.

According to the Act, under which Pistorius was sentenced, he must spend at least one-sixth of his term before he can apply for leave to serve the rest under ‘correctional supervision’ or house arrest.

The decision to release of Pistorius early will be made at the discretion of the commissioner of prisons and will depend on his behaviour behind bars.

Even though he is released early though, Blade Runner, as he is popularly called, will not be allowed to participate in any sporting events as the International Paralympic Committee has given him a 5-year ban, to run concurrently with his jail term.



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